Episode 3

Published on:

14th Oct 2021

The Review, Demeo: a tabletop DnD experience in VR

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Welcome to The Review! Each week we take a single game and tell you all the little ins and outs of what we think of it, at the very end giving you our opinion whether or not this is worth picking up. This week, we explore the tabletop DnD experience Demeo, made specifically for VR



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About the Podcast

Full Dive Gaming: a Virtual Reality Podcast in VR
Welcome to the Full Dive Gaming podcast, a VR Podcast bringing a weekly roundup of all the news, discussion, and condensed nerd talk you need for Virtual Reality.
Welcome to the Full Dive Gaming podcast, bringing a weekly dive into all the news, discussion, and condensed nerd talk you need for Virtual Reality every Friday.

We split this VR Podcast into three sections, with the first covering VR gaming news, the second covering recently released VR games we're playing, and the third being a discussion section on VR gaming related topics.
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